ONLINE UPS (Three in Three Out)
5KVA - 300KVA (TXI Series)
Convergence Txi series (3 Phase Input 3 Phase Out put) are pure online UPS Systems with Double Conversion IGBT Technology with True sine wave output at all times offers guaranteed compatibility with all equipment types without any restrictions for motorized or compressor based load. These models comes with Built in Galvanized Isolation Transformer.
With full time sine wave output offers guaranteed compatibility with all equipment types
In Line voltage regulation corrects severe brownouts and over voltages without using battery power
Diagnostic LED’s provide visual indication of UPS performance conditions
Optional LCD displays provide product performance details
Ratings Available : 5KVA to 100KVA
1 year manufacturers product warranty
Ideal for all type of machine load like, Workstations, Hubs, Routers, Concentrators, IP Telephony and Traditional EPBX Switching System & Industrial Machines.
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