CVCF- Constant Voltage Constant Frequency – CFX Series
1KVA - 15KVA – (CFXS Series -Single Phase)
5KVA - 60KVA – (CFXT Series -Three Phase)
When you need clean industrial power to run your valuable machineries and protect them from any power related trouble, there is no mid way other than go for a CVCF. Our latest version CVCF’s are with IGBT Switching Technology, Ensures,Input Output Isolation, Surge Free, Noise Free, Constant Voltage & Constant Frequency, clean power that can protect all your high end sophisticated machines. We can guarantee that the connected load will be totally protected from almost all input power related issues.
Maintains usable 220V (Single Phase) & 385 ( Three Phase) output all times
IGBT grade surge suppression
Crystal Controlled Frequency
Complete EMI/RF noise filtering
7 diagnostic LED’s indicate input voltage status and surge suppression status
Fully protected 15-100A Output outlets
LCD Mimic panles displays CVCF working parameters
1 year manufacturers product warranty
Optional Battery backup models and 110/205V Output models are also available
Sortex Machines, Printing & Packaging Machines, Medical Equipments,Testing & Lab Equipments etc  
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